Community Association Lending LLC
Phone: 954-558-0510
Community Association Lending LLC
Phone: 954-558-0510


Community Association Lending LLC (CALL) provides streamlined loans for community associations throughout the State of Florida. As a private lender dedicated solely to community association lending, CALL assists its clients through its knowledge and efficiency perfected over four decades of serving community associations.  It takes great pride in contributing to the economic well-being and betterment of the communities that it serves.

CALL’s efficient loan application and underwriting process avoids the bureaucratic delays and arbitrary requirements often experienced with large financial institutions which sometimes automatically disqualifies community associations from obtaining favorable financing.

It is estimated that more than 64% of Floridians live in a community association such as a condominium association, homeowners association or a co-op. Community associations often require short or long-term financing for capital improvement projects such as concrete restoration or a new roof, for which favorable loan terms can eliminate large, immediately due, special assessments for its residents.  A community association board of directors also might require a loan to fund operational shortfalls or to increase budget reserves in advance of hurricane season or for other reasons.

Community Association Lending LLC, with Dennis and Debby Eisinger at the helm, provides personal and attentive service to all loan applications, thoughtfully and expeditiously reviewing most applications within 7 days. It will work with you to customize loan options that meet your association’s specific needs. CALL offers loans for many purposes including for repair and renovation projects and contingency loans for emergencies.  It is adept in handling complex loan transactions and providing flexible financing options for your community such as lines of credit that automatically convert to term loans so that you can focus on making your community a great place to live.  It is often also willing to provide financing when other lenders were unwilling to do so because of their rigid underwriting criteria. 

Additional benefits of Community Association Lending LLC:

  • Competitive rates
  • Convenient terms
  • Loan amounts up to $1,000,000
  • Fixed interest rate
  • Flexible terms (3 and 5 year)
  • Interest only line of credit for certain projects
  • Simplified loan application
  • Streamlined review process
  • Internal underwriting
  • No reserve study required
  • Minimal legal fees
  • Minimal origination fee
  • No tie-in banking relationship required in order to obtain loan
  • No prepayment penalty if loan prepaid without refinancing of debt
  • Community association corporate approval required
  • Application fee of $500
  • Above terms and conditions subject to change.
  • Approval of loan only valid if in writing.